Beach at the end of Junior (1994)


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Hi, Does anyone know what beach this is? I'd like to find some more pics of it to paint from. I'm quite fascinated with it. :)

Reminds me of the end of Planet of the Apes. They said that beach was only accessible by going around a rock obstruction, as seen here...
My guess would be Dume Cove, looking southwest toward Point Dume, but pictures don't bear it out. Somewhere around or north of Malibu, I'd bet.

The beach on the west side of the point shows up in movies and commercials all the time. And, of course, was the place an astronaut climbed down from a horse and pounded the sand...
I'm doubting Oregon, and really don't think its Dume, either.

Looking at all the rest of the locations for the film, my guess is that it is in northern California, possibly near Monterey.
Point Dume can be a tricky location, sometimes the beach looks short, sometimes not so much.

That could be Dume.

We should all go out there.
Problem I have with Dume (and the Malibu coast in general), is the far back ground (what appears to be a sea stack, and also a quite sizeable mountain).

The general topography is ore reminicent of central and norther California.

Clues are the lifeguard station, the topography, and the road cut into the shoreline.
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