Batman forever sonar suit replica

Try Jester FX. Im not positive but I think he had offered it. He has a whole line up of Batman suit. Check his facebook out :thumbsup
There ya go bud. This came from the Jester FX facebook page 10300668_254779944723800_5382119337703676204_n.jpg10309676_254780008057127_9025559324588250423_n.jpg
You are wrong. lol

JesterFX is your only option I believe.
Dang, lol. Thought I saw one on your page... maybe it was just one you owned or something, or im getting it confused with another suit haha.

EDIT: yeah, I just checked, I got it confused with what I believe is a Clooney suit you own lol
I too am searching for the Batman forever sonar suit. It seems hard to find a good one. There's got to be someone out there that can help us.
If you are willing to buy one, I'd check out etsy for any individual parts, or otherwise online stores like SuperheroConceps or iconic FX.

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