Batman Cowl Questions

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Happy New Year!

I was hoping someone here could lend some opinions on the available Batman cowls found on eBay ($10-$20 Range). I have seen a lot of Halloween masks from overseas and was wondering how well they hold up? I understand that they can be flimsy or can get crinkle lines in them from being smashed in the mail. Is this something that can be corrected? Or is there a mask that has a decent structure that won't loose its shape if it is put on display?
I work in a law enforcement field and deal with a lot of kids. I have noticed over the years, kids our brought to my desk while they are waiting on their parents. I have a few Star Wars pieces, Batman figures, and a cheap broken helmet that I picked up at our Goodwill that I tried to rework that they are always asking questions about. I thought that a Batman mask would stand out as something that would be easily recognized.

I need something that can be easily displayed. Can anyone make any recommendations based on what they received?

As always, any help would be appreciated.


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Minder Thr33

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This is probably one of the better cowls out there, but the ears are still flimsy. Batman Returns Movie Latex Mask Cowl Original 1992 Michael Keaton Rubies 3180 | eBay
It's easily corrected with some playdough.

The Batman & Robin version was garbage and would stay away.

I'm more of an old timer, so no experience with the newer stuff, but in general, you're still most likely going to be dealing with very flimsy, cheap latex.

If your just looking for something on the desk, you can consider a mini batsignal. It's just as recognizable as the cowl. I have this one and even in lit up room, the signal is still visible Batman: Bat Signal [New Book] Boxed Set, Paperback, Toy | eBay


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Minder Thr33,

Thank you for the review and suggestions. I just saw a YouTube review on the different cowls that are available. The young guy that did the review did say he liked the Rubies Batman Keaton style. He indicated that it was huge and referenced the ear issue as well. Overall, he did like it.

The reviewer seemed very happy with the Arkham Series cowl as well. Again, it was huge.

I will definitely take a closer look at what you have suggested.

Thank you again for your input.



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Hey Arwa,

I don't remember who said it, and I'm sure I won't quote it directly, but it's been repeated many, MANY times over, and hopefully it'll help you: just don't buy one of the cheap ones. Inevitably they won't be what you want, and they won't be what they look like, and you won't be happy. There are now pretty high quality ones available out there for a lot less than they used to be - $100 for a Clooney or a Kilmer?! Are you kidding?! - but inevitably the Rubies/Cos'er/Whatever else just won't be as nice. My very serious recommendation: Just wait until you can afford one of the nicer ones. If you hate it, the resale value will be around the same amount, and then buy a different one. But for every $30 you spend on a cheap one, you'll have $30 less, and $30 worth of a headache.

Just my $0.02!

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