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Hey! I'm wanting to know how I can go about making a batman cowl that is almost skin tight/very fitted. I made a pepakura one but it was extremely boxy and I couldn't get my head through the chin strap. I've seen a tutorial of someone making one out of latex but it wasn't explained properly. Thank you in advanced!

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There is not a lot of options out there if you want to make a cowl that fits your own head perfectly. You would need a soft elastic cowl made of urethane or latex, like all the movie cowls are made.
The best way would be to sculpt the cowl in clay on a live cast of your own head (or at least a head the same size as yours), then cast said cowl in urethane or latex (latex shrinks about 10% though, so you'd need to take that into account). If you have never done that before, but feel up to the task, I suggest you watch the smooth-on youtube channel, they have a lot of tutorials on mould making and casting, and they offer almost all the materials you need. It's not going to be cheap though.
Now if you insist going the pepakura way, the same process applies except you skip the sculpting part (and therefore cannot guarantee a perfect fit), but you'll have to resin the pep cowl to harden it, then smooth it using bond/car filler/wood filler, make a mould and cast it in urethane or latex. Probably slightly cheaper than option 1.
You can also search the junkyard section here to see if somebody offers a cowl you like that would fit your head size, if it does, the fit is usually pretty good. The average price for one of these is around 200$, cheaper than trying to make your own.
Finally, if you don't actually want a soft latex/urethane cowl, you can stick with pepakura, but apply the resin and bondo if you want to eliminate the boxy look. To get a hard cowl on, you could cut the jaw and re-attach it with elastic fabric, like Armatus Cosplay did on his custom batsuit (his thread is here : Custom Batsuit: practical combat armor (Update 2-8 suit up pics))
Anyway, best of luck to you, and don't forget to use the search engine of this forum, you'll find a lot of build thread that might help you !

Jamie Ridder

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I had the same problem! getting in/out of a batcowl can be no fun. One way to fix that is to cut out the chin section, glue in elastic bands and a side release buckle.
for a skin tight cowl. you would need to size the pep file. hope this helps some and good luck

The Prop Lord

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teragon has pretty much covered it. The best way to do it, is Urethane Rubber or Latex.

I am actually working on a cowl right now.

My brother needed a new cowl. We're remaking the entire suit mainly out of Vytaflex 40, including the cowl. We used this cowl for a while but figured since we were going all out on the rest of it, we should make our own cowl:

This cowl is great if you don't have the time to make your own.

I used the Pepakura TDK Cowl Foam-File using 3mm EVA foam from Hobby Lobby. After it was built, it is indeed blocky. To fix this, you have a couple of options. One, is using Silicone Caulk to smooth the lines. I've never done it that way, but it is an option.

What I did, was cover the cowl in the pink Dry Wall putty. After the putty is dry, I sanded it down. I am in the process of applying Bondo Resin and sanding it down until I get it super smooth. After that, I am using Rebound 25 Silicone Rubber from Smooth-On. I will make a mold of the cowl and cast it in Vytaflex 40 Urethane Rubber.
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