Batgirl Grappling Gun - My First Build


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This is my first prop build and my first costuming project that I can say I did 100% by myself (from design to completion).

I did not base this off of any Batgirl version in particular, but I had the 2014 redesign in mind with the yellow because that is the costume I'll be carrying it with.

I chose the Nerf Rebelle Pink Crush blaster ( because it looked least like a Nerf gun. The hook is a tie / belt holder from Target ($8.00). I used a Dremel tool to cut the hook off so I was only left with a straight piece of metal and the hooks. I glued the center part of the hook to the metal so it wouldn't move.

After taking it apart, I ditched the internal parts that I didn't need (marked with a red x in the picture) and got to work. I dremeled out the inside of the barrels so I could have a way to stick the hook down in there.

I used Bondo to fill in the holes where the screws went.

After getting everything smooth and primed, I took the parts that were originally all pink / orange and painted them sunshine yellow. The rest of the gun was painted black.

I wasn't happy with how the hook originally came out (all black) so I took some silver leaf and brushed it on for weathering.

I put CA glue on the inside of the gun to hold it together and then put it back together.

My original idea on how to secure the hook to the gun was to stick the metal down the barrel and then glue it flush to the tip. There wasn't enough surface area for that so I searched my house to find what else could do the job.

I remembered I had a lot of duct tape left over from doing a duct tape mold of my brother's head (another story for another thread). I wrapped the metal with duct tape until it was just thick enough to shove into the barrel and keep it there. To finish the look, I wrapped the part of the hook that was sticking out of the gun with a piece of thin shoelace.

I'm going to build a latch to my belt to secure the gun while I'm walking around conventions.

The total cost was around $20 and took me a few days to complete (it's been a wet few weeks here in Florida).



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Awesome! I love the ingenuity. :) What part of Florida? I'm originally from Miami, but I've also lived in Ft. Lauderdale, Sanford, and Orlando.


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Looks great! I'm actually working on a Nerf Grapple Gun as we speak :). Have you thought about doing some weathering on the gun to match the hook a bit?


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I thought about it, but my husband thought it looked better without weathering. I think it could use some roughing up a bit though.


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I think I agree with you. Maybe just hit it lightly with a brillo pad to take down the shine a little bit and maybe dry brush some metallic paint on some of the edges. I think that'd be killer.

But even without all that, the gun looks awesome!
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