Back To the Future Question


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I think a more unassuming car would be appropriate. That way he could drive the car around in the past and the future. Maybe a 1932 Ford.


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the original script had a fridge as a time machine and marty was suppost to drive a truck with the fridge into a 1955 nuclear test site and wait for a bomb to explode so that it could generate 1.21 gigawatts...
Spielberg got concerned that kids would try to replicate the hide in fridge scenes and get locked inside and die... so they changed it to a car instead.

Lucky we NEVER got to see a Fridge at nuclear bomb test-site in a Spielberg movie...OH WAIT!!!



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yeah.. And you can have Burt Reynolds playing Doc Brown..And Jerry Reed as Marty..:cheers:thumbsup

Pastbound and down,
88 miles per hour,
we're gonna do they say can't be done.

We've got few decades to go and all the time to get there,
we're pastbound, now watch ol' Marty run.


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If Doc Brown did not have the Deloren... What car would YOU 1971 ford Pantera
Ford? It's an insult to the car to call it a Ford.. it was made by De Tomaso, imported and re-branded as a Ford, maybe, but it ain't no Ford.

I actually knew a guy that had one of those. Beautiful car.


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Actually if you want a car to transcend the past to future noticibilty, ie you could drive it around and while it would get noticed, it wouldn't be a freak show...1955 Corvette for me.
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