Back to the Future II - Nike MAG tube bag 3D Model


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I know this is touchy subject for a lot of members, but I wanted to take a crack at building the Nike Footwear tube bag as a 3D model (since that's a lot easier than bending metal, acrylic, making silicone molds, resin casting, etc. ;))

As I dove in on my research I reviewed everything that's been shared here in the forums, and want to thank everyone who contributed to the conversation.

I spent about a day working, and reworking, and re-reworking to get it to where it now. So without further a do, here's what my model currently looks like.

It seems like everything is where it's supposed to be but if anything stands out to anyone I'd love to know about it before I throw it on my printer (for the next 2 weeks straight lol)

Nike Mag Tube Bag v16-3.png
Nike Mag Tube Bag v16-2.png
Nike Mag Tube Bag v16.png

Nike Mag Tube Bag v16-4.png


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por si te sirven...


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