Avengers vs. X-men


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X-Men have made way more money for the corporate bigwigs than the Avengers so it should be easy to figure out. :p


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How soon is this comic coming out? Marvel has the movie rights to the Avengers, and Fox has the movie rights to the Xmen. With an Avengers movie coming out soon, I'm betting the Avengers dominate. It's marketing.


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Well all the heroes fought against each other during The Civil War story arc in '06. It made heroes choose sides over the Super Human Registration Act. It was actually pretty awesome.


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Was a mini-series back in 1987 as well. It was OK, not the greatest.
They have had a few fun in over the years. I have always been an Avengers fan so I was always rooting for them. Much like most good guy vs good guy books they always end up a little anticlimactic.
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