Avengers Thor, my first costume, introduction, and question. :-)


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Hi all, a quick introduction here, my costume, and questions. :)

Thanks for letting me on the RPF forums. This is an incredible community, with many great people who are are true masters of their crafts. :) I'm a life long sci-fi/superhero fan. Originally from Hattiesburg, Mississippi, and now live in Menomonee Falls, WI. My wife is from WI, so thus the big move. I've been to many cons in my time. I've toyed with the idea of doing a costume, and cosplay at cons. A while back I finally made the decision and am full steam ahead on it. After going over the endless possibilities I'm working on doing an Avengers Thor (sleeveless version). This is a two part thing for me. 1. to make the actual costume, and 2. loosing weight and getting into shape to be the part. Currently down 23lbs from the start. It's a long journey with lots of learning and discipline but will be worth it in the end. I'm in too deep to stop now. :)

I've been looking around for a while lurking on RPF, and watched countless youtube videos. I'm using a combination of EVA foam, worbla, fabrics, and whatever materials/resources to put it together. I even got the Hot Toys figure to help for reference.

I started by getting this Thor Avengers theatrical costume:

I got this costume to build off of. Because for me it's good for the undersuit, cape, and shoulder pads. All the armor pieces(chest, gauntlets, boot covers) are only good to have life size templates to work from. These parts have to be made.

Just a few random behind the scenes work in progress pics of things in various stages.

Jack 071.jpg IMG_4060.jpg IMG_0402.jpg IMG_6937.jpg

This a long process, and I'm have a lot of fun learning things with putting the Thor costume together. Also lot's of time looking at the craft stores as well.

My first (of what I'm sure will be many questions,) is the following: What are the correct, or similar boots to build off of? I've looked at countless pics. Just wanting to see if anyone has any idea? Would obviously need to be comfortable to walk around all day in at a con. Here is a close up cropped stock image of the boots:
Thor boots.jpg

Thanks for any potential help, and once again thanks for having me on board at the RPF. :)


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Love to she how this turns out. I've done two Thor armor builds, though mine are for a mashup. I've toyed with doing parts of the armor in Worbla, but have hesitated due to the cost. When I did my shin guards I used craft foam. As long as you you have them secured nice and snug it should be fine. When I saw pictures they were just below the knee.


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First of all, welcome! I joined a few years ago, and have found more than a few people ready and willing to help a newbie. So, if there is anything I can do to help, lemme know. So, it seems that you have some skill already, so I might warn against buying the cheap versions out there-there are cheaper ways to come up with patterns and undersuits. That being said, for the boots, I might suggest some of the overseas companies-their boots can be great starting points for much better ones.
You're gonna look for an ankle-high boot, like a duck boot(what might be used for Boba Fett). Then, the tops can be constructed-think:ribbing fabric, EVA foam, that kinda stuff. Hope this helps!
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