Avengers Age of Ultron Quicksilver research and reference thread


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Hello RPF, I know there are a few Quicksilver threads here already but this one can be used for your own personal builds, references, and part identification (I'm pretty sure the shoes were already identified). There are tons of final battle Quicksilver everywhere but there aren't many of when he first appears during Strucker's raid and he's wearing the jacket. I am also aware that until the movie is available on Blu-Ray and DVD it will be kind of hard to get a lot of pics, but you guys are masters of screenshots so I'm confident you guys will come through. If you guys want to I could make this a Scarlet Witch thread too. Happy posting!


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I guess I'll start it off, I found a site that sells the jacket https://thetake.com/product/67359/a...-atlantic-zip-jacket-n-avengers-age-of-ultron dbd51a1ed9e5c4c11b6e360fd2ce3c3ba8fd2853845b58fc98cf5f9c6dba3810.jpeg download (2).jpg 4429141-2.jpg avengers witch.jpg longform-original-17227-1427405383-24.jpg avengers_5_0.jpg avengers-480x360.jpg avengers-age-of-ultron-quicksilver-set-photos-.jpg avengers-2-spoiler-who-doesn-t-make-it-out-of-age-of-ultron-alive-will-quicksilver-run-319804.jpg Avengers-AOU-5.jpg


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I saw this in one of the other posts. The shoes are called "Marvel Avengers Adizero Prime Boost LTD Shoes" from Adidias ($200 USD).


There's also a cheaper, less accurate option for $110 called "Marvel Avengers Adizero Feather 4 LTD Shoes"


I would really be interested in seeing if someone can get a pair of pants that could be modded to closely resemble the movie one.


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Managed to snag one of the jackets (fair warning, they run small. I'm usually an S/M, and the large fits snuggly). Anybody have any luck with the gloves he's wearing in the opening scene? tumblr_noypmppeWW1ruwcl5o6_250.gif
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