Aurora sealab returns?


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Hi all,
It's been a while since I last posted here. I found some interseting news on the Straship Modeler site.

"The Aurora Sealab kit is highly sought after by collectors and studio-scale scratchbuilders (it was a donor to a lot of movie/TV props in the 70's and 80's). Sadly, the molds were destroyed in 1979.

Atlantis Toy and Hobby Inc. is considering replicating the kit (and instructions/boxart/decals), which would require all new tooling at an expense of around $30,000 US. To raise this capital, they are looking to run a Kickstarter campaign. They would need at least 600 backers to commit to buying the kit at an estimated $50.00 US to $75.00 US retail price.

Interested? You can contact Atlantis at:

eMail: or telephone +(001) 631-499-6733. 09/2014"

BTW, I haven't shelved the Venator, it is just on hold as I have had a hectic time the last 18 months. I will be back with a vengance in the near future.
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Hey guys, Thanks to Jason for sending us a kit. We are making a simple video of the kit and parts. Once this is done, we will be sending it off to China for a quote. We have an idea on what the cost will be for the tooling based on the parts and size of them. Once we get this info we will then build the kickstarter. We think it is going to be roughly priced at 69.99 for a complete boxed kit, not more maybe a bit less if anything. The good thing is right now cost have gone down slightly in dealing with China due to a stronger dollar and lower energy costs. I will keep you guys updated and we thank you for the support. If it does get funded it should take about 6 to 8 months to get everything done and shipped to us here in the states. This is a simple project from that stand point as it is a straight up "replication project". A new designed tool would take a few months longer.

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