AT-AT helmet?


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Hi guys

OK stick with me here, im a total retard with costuming, this will be my first foray. Im looking at doing ym own ATAT driver lid, basically, ive done some reading and yes i need a TIE helmet first off. Which do i need to give me the best accuracy at the best price, i know the DP std is too small, but what about other lids, how much do the CA DP's go for, and also what are the Rubies lids like?, any help greatly welcomed, and ive noticed there are some cool guys making the tusks and maybe the side greeblies, seems like a nice time to get to work on my favorite helmet......lee


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IIRC the Rubies is the same as the old DP standard lid, so no point getting one of those...

Not sure if they have, or are going to release the scale version as seen with the DP Classic Action though...

Price was slowly creeping up on the CA, as they are good base for costuming.

I'm also on the lookout for one, but not seen one for sale for a while, so also have no idea on current market price.