Astromechs in the Y-Wing

Discussion in 'Studio Scale Models' started by eegah, Jan 12, 2012.

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    So, I'm making some modifications on my Lego Y W-wing and I'm not sure if there were R2 or R5 units in the slot.
    I know there were no droids on screen in the Death Star run, but there were different droids in the hanger, right?
    So are there R2 or R5 droids depending on the ship?
    Is there a history of Y-Wings thread that I am missing for this info?!
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    They are all astromechs, I accept none of this action-figure-packaging terminology. :p :lol

    The Bill George Y-wing (ROTJ-era) has a conical-head R2. The mockup in the hangar scenes was fitted with a copy of the Lancaster dome on the Red Y model. Some shots look as if there may be a droid too, but I can't tell, I don't have a DVD or BR copy.

    I would just go with whatever is on the models in the reference shots, personally.
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    I'd go for a dash mount, "GPS" style droid. DSH-N-SRT would be a good name.
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    I think I missed the keyword "Lego", here! :lol

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