ASM bust scrapped, now a mask

Steamboat Spidey

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Okay. I have gotten rid of the idea of making an amazing spiderman bust from the movie coming in 2012. Instead I am just making a mask.

I'm going to write the process down and correct me if I'm wrong.

I get a head mannequin or something along those lines and wrap it in cling wrap. I then put oil based clay on ('cause it's re-usable) to make the mask shape and add details. I then put the latex coating on the clay and wait for it to dry. I then add more latex layers with the desired color. I then wait for it to dry and then dust talc powder on it so when I take th mask off the bust it doesn't stick to itself.

So have I gotten the process correct? If not, can you correct me and show me the correct steps? And also, I saw a YouTube video and the guy's mask was shiny on the outside and looked as though I could see the brush strokes. I want to make the mask not as glossy, so that I can paint( if needed ) over it, and plus, the mask in the trailer isn't shiny to me. Thanks, help is appreciated!

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