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Alright, Ive been drooling over the idea of getting a pred costume for several months now, and it looks like I'll have to wait several more before I can start getting money in. So, I was hoping I could start a donation thing to help me earn money towards the suit.

What Im gonna be doing, is selling artwork by donation. Whatever range the donation is in, thats what you'll get. For now I'll likely be doing sketches and colored sketches (colored in Sai while still having a sketchy look to it).

Im willing to make pin-ups too (would prefer it to not be too mature though XD), however Im only drawing predators, possibly xenomorphs, but Id like to stay in the AvP theme. The more donated, the more Im willing to do =p

1$-5$ Single character sketch, no bg
6$-10$ choice of 2 characters, simple background
11$-15$ choice of 2 or more characters, sketch flat colored w bg
16$ + Choice of up to 5 characters, more detailed background (depends on what it is) colored and shaded

For the start of the commissions, I may save what I get towards supplies for making my predator head keychains, when finished they may be an option on here too.

If you are interested, feel free to PM me and we'll work out the rest there.
Currently Im only accepting payments through paypal =/


Colored sketch w shading: http://brandi01.devi...there-258028207
Flat colored sketch: http://brandi01.devi...DATED-243035928
Sketch: http://brandi01.devi...llery/#/d45zrq8

Many more examples can be seen in my art thread, I seem to be rapidly improving on my work as well. So yah XD

Status: Open

(P.S. I will likely be saving the first donations towards supplies for finishing the pred head keychain! I really wanna finish it X3)
I could buy every single one to let you start making a costume XD

Every single one? lol the ones Im offering are all, guess you can say "custom" work. Id draw whatever you want me to (as long as its within my ability haha, right now I prefer preds, gonna try drawing Turians from Mass Effect again) Glad you like my work so much though.
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nice stuff and good idea. might end up ya sometime to get a sketch done :)

Awesome =3 sounds good hehe.
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