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  • Hey Kyra ..thanks for the compliment on my old suit. That vest was actually screen worn in the film "Scorpion King" .sadly that whole suit is in another owners hands now
    Ok, but the hardest part with buying parts of the costume is it costs more, I am just buying as I get more money XD
    I thought I could help you with the Predator head, XD I made mine with Oil Based Clay, it helps alot! XD Btw when will you start on your Kyra Sculpt? XD
    I thought having the ALien idea was cool so I made Ea'kath my Diamond Predator have a pet Predalien, hope I didn't steal your idea to much XD
    I really like your style Kyra im trying to get better at my drawing maybe if you look in the gallery the one under how do you draw predators or something like that i posted two of my pics in a comment
    The Pet Xenomorph really makes a good detail for the picture, what are you going to use for a xenomorph? A friend dressed as a xenomorph? Like to see what you come up with! :)
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<br /><br />(Im not sure if animations are allowed on profile pages, so if they are not please PM me and I will remove/replace it!)<br /><br /><br />(The names pronounced &quot;K-eye-ruh&quot; not &quot;Keera&quot; as in from Death Note or somethng =p many people make that mistake)<br /><br />Rest in Peace, Pal! (9/8/2011) <br /><br /><br />Hmmn, where to start... well, first I am autistic, high functioning luckily. I love to draw and use other various art mediums. Im starting with 3D modeling, also looking forward to making costumes. Even since I was little, Ive been fascinated by animals, dinosaurs and unatural/fantasy creatures. I have gotten obsessed with the Alien, AVP, and predator movies. Ive been fascinated by the design and idea of the aliens and predators. As of lately, Ive given myself the nicknames &quot;Alienerd&quot; and &quot;Predatard&quot;.<br />I have a wide variety of interests, from things such as Dungeons and Dragons, to Halo, AVP and Family guy, Futurama, ect. Im the same with music too, I like a little of just about anything: Dub step, Industrial, some metal, techno, rock, among other things.<br />Despite being female, Im not very feminine lol. Yes, I am straight, many get that confused because of my personality, but anyways lol. Im fun and easy to talk to, open minded and goofy. My art is my way of expressing myself, as well as relieving stress, its my life =p<br /><br />If anyone knows where I can download decent models for blender (preferably from Gears of War 1, 2 or 3, any Halo game, AVP, or any cool aliens/creatures) PLEASE let me know! I have been messing around with models in blender for fun, also practice with posing, modding/creating textures and hopefully soon animations.<br /><br />P.S. I have an account on, my profile name is Brandi01 if you happen to be interested in seeing some of my work.<br />~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<br />My Threads:<br /><br />Artwork by donation: http://www.thehunter...rt-by-donation/<br /><br />Female Predator head concept: http://www.thehunter...r-head-concept/<br /><br />Background pics by me!: http://www.thehunter...dered-in-poser/<br /><br />My future tatoo design: http://www.thehunter...predator-tatoo/<br /><br />Artwork: http://www.thehunter...t=0#entry287818 (back in use untill I can upload to my gallery)<br /><br />Art in the works:;#entry304325 (Updated 8/9/2011)<br /><br />Bio keychain sculpt:;#entry303963<br /><br />Kyras NEW armor design! (need thoughts and opinions): http://www.thehunter...showtopic=25941<br /><br />Kyras loincloth (Help wanted!) http://www.thehunter...928#entry317928<br /><br />New werewolf costume: http://www.thehunter...lf-costume-new/ UPDATED: 11/1/2011<br /><br />Polls:<br /><br />Kyras bio targeting lazer (color): http://www.thehunter...showtopic=25567<br /><br />Bio mask keychain/necklace: http://www.thehunter...showtopic=25627 UPDATED: 8/18/2011<br /><br />Items for sale:<br />------------------<br />
<br />~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<br />~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<br />AVP/Predator Models Collected: 1 (Photos of figures here http://www.thehunter...__gopid__321266 )<br />Names of Collected models: (put in order of recieving them)<br />1. Neca Wolf Predator: Masked<br />2. Neca Shaman Predator<br />3. Neca City Hunter: Masked<br />4. Neca Borg Predator<br />5. Neca Predator hound<br />6. Neca Mr. Black: cloaked<br /><br /><br /><br />Kyras new head concept WIP<br /><br />
<br /><br />Heavy Pred<br />
<br />A design idea one of my friends had, Im pretty happy with the way it turned out.<br /><br /><br />A video I put together for Aliens and Preds, hope you like!<br />http://static.ak.fbc...5188972224&amp;ev=0

I like a variety of things, but I'll make it into a few lists

Tv shows I like (no specific order)
Family Guy, Futurama
Robot Chicken
Amercan Dad
Ancient Aliens

Videogames I like:
Alien Vs Predator 2
Alien Vs Predator 2010
Halo (1,2,3 and Reach)
Virtua fighter 5
Gears of War 1-3
Mortal Kombat Armageddon
Fallout 3
Spyro (the first game for PS1)
will add more as I think of it later ^w^
Dec 24, 1993 (Age: 30)
Somewhere in your shadow....