Art Asylum Battlestar Galactica


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I understand that AA has a large BSG model being introduced at the Toy Fair. Anyone else hear of this?

Dean O

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Was this a kit or a toy? I've been hoping someone would do a decent sized kit of both the Galactica and the Pegasus. At this point though I'd take a toy.


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From the previous link

In between Minimate designs, I was asked to flesh out some sketches the inhouse designers had been working on at Art Asylum. The Battlestar Galactica replica was to be a high-end, 14" long masterpiece display item, and they needed me to design the concept art for the project.

Most of the work was done in Photoshop. We went through a few different revisions, but in the end "simple" won out.

Look for the Battlstar Galactica replica to hit specialty shop sometime during the second half of 2006.

Created Fall 2005.


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I have not watched too much of the series because at first it looked more like a romp in space than the series it turned out to be. I have caught glimpses of the show and wondered why they built down the design of the Galactica.
The Pegasus ship looks more to the original show, a big carrier. The Galactica looks more sleeker like a fast attack ship. Too bad they could not reverse the the designs. I like the 6 inch model piece, probably will get that one as well as the Pegasus if it comes out.


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I think the new Toy Fair mag has pictures of the battlestar line of vehicles they have lisenced.I could not tell if they were CG renderings or pix of the prototypes.
will check on that and maybe post a few shots later.