Arnold - The TV Show and Some Fubar


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Minor spoilers ahead....

I read his autobiography and so far the story is watchable, it's just the video version of the book where he tells his's pretty good.

Cameron, Stallone and Devito say some nice stuff, but the funniest thing (I found so far) was his pet donkey wandering around in his kitchen, like a random pet. The steroids comments were also interesting.

He's basically super successful and seems to be the president of his own fan club. Really successful driven people usually come off as arrogant egomaniacs, but that's just the by-product of being at that level of success......mostly, some of them are jerks by definition, but it's an inspiring tale. Bill Burr does a stand up about Arnold comparing it to if an American went to Austria and achieved what Arnold did in America, highly unlikely, but he did it.

I started to watch Funbar and it's basically True Lies for TV, with a slight gets tired real fast.....but I'm old and becoming more intolerant with every show that is the same tired rehash of something else....:lol:
The steroids comments were also interesting.

It's hard to look back at that time & understand how different it was. They had no hindsight about how powerful the drugs could be, or what the long-term dangers were, etc. That was years before the world had made up its mind that using steroids was "cheating". The athletes & coaches started off viewing the drugs as sort of a step beyond vitamins & vegetables.

And, as people always point out, it very quickly got to a situation where EVERYONE was using them. It became a total arms race. Not only for bodybuilders but in other pro sports. Steroids hit the scene in the 1960s and suddenly a bunch of longstanding athletic records started being broken all over the place. Olympic shot-put disances, Babe Ruth's home run record, track & swimming times, etc.

Everybody remembers Lance Armstrong getting busted for steroids in the Tour De France a few years ago. Nobody remembers that the drug testers got down to 18th place before they found somebody in that race who was clean.

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