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Hello friends, I am not sure if this goes here...but I looked for a place it might and couldn't find one. so here is my need, I want to do a Super Hero costume...from a popular franchise of the 90's but the spandex thing isn't really working for me for myself. I'm not fat guy, but I've got a little extra so spandex isn't to flattering, but I figured if I could get some armor to pad out the suit a bit, and make it more intimidating that would work for's the thing that's always bothered me....I can create but I'm not creative, if anyone knows what I'm talking about...and it presents a few set please I ask any of you with any experience to draft out some armor you think would be cool, I prefer it not look like any of the armor suits that are out there namely Batman, or Iron man...but I would love to see any of your ideas, thank you!


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The cool thing with Pepakura is that you can take a pattern (say batman) and alter it however you want in order to give it the look you want. Since it's just paper, you can cut out parts, make areas thicker, give more definition or whatever you want. I am however in the process of making some armor molds and once those are perfect I'll look into making custom, made to order, armor pieces for people to buy.


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It would be helpful if you gave more info about the superhero you want to be. Sure, generic armor might work, but if artists know the superhero they're designing armor for, you'll get far better results.


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Sounds good, but the reason I said I didn't want them looking like a specific character is because they all have really well defined and easily recognizable looks. I was hoping for some out of the box thinking, I mean, I have pepakura on my computer, and I have a couple 3d programs so creating the armor wouldn't be difficult, It's just that I don't have what it takes to be I can make something that's already been done within the proper guidelines, but to make something original seems to be beyond me if that makes any sense, but I look forward to seeing what your "custom" order pieces will look like, thanks for replying!

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Power Ranger character is what I'm looking for @ FuzzyDrawings. I want something that would be at home in that world but yet something no one has seen before, even if it's just a rough sketch I can work with that. thank you for the reply! :)


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I was thinking Power Rangers from the first post, haha. All that spandex! I loved the MMPR movie for that reason, ditching the spandex. I did some searching through different armors for my own costuming and the Helghast capture trooper from Killzone 3, I think, could be an armor that fits in with what you might be looking for. Some of the capture trooper's leg armor is bulky and, along with the satchels and grenades, can be removed. Change up the colors and it could work on multiple rangers.



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lol yeah, that's the major stand out of power rangers is the spandex and helmets lol. (watch R.P.M though and K throws a fit when they call it spandex lol) ....Anyways that does look pretty cool, and is simple to see where it can be modified! it's got your usual armor points it hits as well, like the shoulders the tops of the legs and of course the abdomen so this would be a great start, but I think it would take some heavy modifying the chest area as to put the shield, going for the green ranger...but maybe White Ranger,
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