arkham city issues?

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Anyone else have issues with the game? it's been running good until today when the movies for the Mr Freeze fight causes a disc error to pop up. It starts and loads fine and if you skip the first scene the fight works fine. The site for the game is swamped with issues (literally nearly 100 pages worth) but nothing like this.
My buddy had something crazy happen where he went to play in challenge mode and Robin and Catwoman were missing along with his Catwoman downloadable content. Worked fine and then the next day it was gone. Even messed up his normal game as he'd saved as Catwoman and has to redownload the content before it'll let him resume play.

Also happened with some extra content he got for Zombie Nation. Anyone ever have this problem?
It would help if you guys provided info on WHICH SYSTEM VERSION of the game you playing!

Is it PS3, XBox 360, or PC that's giving fits???

I'm not surprised there are problems. In the era we live in of game systems that have hard drives there are many games being shipped or uploaded (for download) that have known bugs in them. There may not be **** you can do until a patch fix gets uploaded through the Net for your particular system.

It stinks but I KNEW developers were going to do this once game systems were developed with built-in hard drives. Business has been done this way on PC's for over a decade now and console developers were shipping beta-level games as far back as at least the first XBox system!

Developers couldn't get away with sloppy coding when systems were limited to cartridges and first-/second-gen CD-ROM drives. As soon as those hard drives became standard equipment, they figured they could get away with sending occasional patches to fix bugs that "popped up."

I don't know how many times I have to wait on my PS3 to play a game because of a bug fix update!

It happens to everybody that tries to enjoy a game on any system now...
Slightly OT, but on-topic to George's post, I've been playing Skyrim on PC, and yesterday it crashed to desktop three or four times. You're just walking along and boom, gone. Save early, save often.

The reaction on the internet is pretty sad actually.. "Yeah, it's Bethesda, all their games do that."

I'm hoping they'll patch it up a bit moving forward. There's a few little glitches here and there, but nothing game-ending (I can always just reload when it crashes).
It's for the xbox. I think it's the disc as it looks a bit wonky. I contacted teh seller but he hasn't responded so i'm filing a claim with amazon. There is no way this guy could have played through the game if this keeps happening. If i skip the movies in this it's okay but the one after you beat freeze doesn't even start to play when it gets the error.
From what i've read on the forum for the game the DLC has caused all sorts of havok from saves going corrupt to the dlc itself corrupt, have the codes to redeem stuff that they gave away didn't work. Sounds like a huge fumble. I deleted my batman beyond skin but it didn't help any. Turns out the seller had the same issue at the same spot but didn't warn anyone. I just downloaded an update for the game last week when i started it but I guess it didn't fix things. Hopefully like bethesda if their is a game of the year edition they'll fix it then.
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I was wondering for those people who have played the game. Is scarecrow in AC? I got up to the scarecrow part on AA but the flashing lights triggered my epilepsey. Can anyone give a heads up on the flashing lights in this new one? Do dont want to get into the game a few hours and have to quit again.
Apparently I'm unlucky enough to have gotten a bad disc as it won't even copy to the hard drive. I'm waiting for the guy to get back to me or amazon so i can get a refund and a new copy. I should have spent 10.00 more for a new copy.
I got it on 360 first day, installed all the DLC and never had a problem. My buddy got it for PS3 and some crazy thing happened to his game save. Lost all his DLC plus all his riddler trophies and challenges.
I thought the last update fixed everything but guess not. Yeah it's for sure my copy of the disc. I can't see anything about the DLC that would stop it from downloading to the system hard drive.
I downloaded ALL the content for my PS3. But I never got the jokers carnival or the iceberg lounge brawl maps. Got all the rest. What am I missing?
Not sure. I bought the game of the year edition and it works great. Other than the Harley's revenge DLC is kind bleh.
Here's one issue I'm glad they fixed for the Wii U.

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