are these Jason hockey masks good enough to sell?


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I'm not able to post these on the junk yard...but was wondering if the paint jobs were good enough to sell.
let me know what ya think..good or bad...
Thanks! jason3.jpg Jason4-2.jpg jason7.jpg


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Back when I started making props at 16, I put price tags on items in my mind of what I thought things would be worth. My Dad gave me some great words of wisdom: "It's only worth what someone is willing to pay." Could you sell those masks? Sure, they're solid paint jobs, but just don't expect to get $150 per mask like Auz & Brasier76. You could probably get around $50 a mask on EvilBay or Etsy easily.


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very good words of wisdom...i agree...good thing i'm not asking that$ would be incredible!!...I do price them different for different mask, depending on how much extra work goes in to it (like cutting pieces wound..blood..etc) ...but i wouldnt charge more than 25$
I guess I'm just looking for someone that has experience with this sorta thing (Auz or Brasier being the bar) give me an opinion on my art work. Like, is it quality to sell? or stay at hobby level..
Thank you so much for taking time to look and to comment!!

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Oh I don't have a clue who Auz or Brasier is...but I'd love to see their work though.