Arc Reactors (Iron Man I, II) and stand, CNC machined.

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    I thought it would be appropriate to use the CNC machines as much as possible to recreate the arc reactors from Iron Man. The first (palladium) model is mostly waterjet cut, with some CNC milling, while the second (new element / triangle) model is almost completely waterjet cut (including the stand) Even though all the parts are CNC made, there was a lot of hand filing, tweaking and finishing in order to get things to fit and look right.

    My aim was to create something 'convincing' but not necessarily 'accurate.' These are nowhere near the level of detail and accuracy of jason_ehl's machined MK1 arc reactor which you must see:

    I'll try to make .dxf files available later, if there is interest. The materials used for the first one are steel, brass, aluminum, copper wire, and polycarbonate. The second reactor is made of aluminum and polycarbonate.
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    Not bad for an MIT guy! ;)

    Seriously, though... Nice work.
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    Very nice!

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