Appleseed GONG: I need a ruling... :)

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I'm thinking about putting manufacturer stamping on my custom Appleseed GONG Shotgun project.

I looked online and people describe the weapon in a few ways:

Norinco GONG
Poseidon/Norinco GONG

So... which is correct?

Nobody seems to actually quote Shirow when describing the thing, they make statements that may or may not be true.

I don't have acccess to my Apppleseed Databook to double check, so does anyone know what's correct?

Thanks in advance,


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Appleseed Data Book has this.

Poseidon Norinco Inc.

multipurpose handgun ("Gong")

Intron Depot and Intron Depot 3 Ballistics don't have anything.


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Poseidon/DNG made the kit version (which I know you're already aware of)

'Seburo' is the fictional arms manufacturer that Shirow uses as an umbrella term for weapons he designs. Used in Appleseed, GitS, and other works. I would probably use that.

Rook 3

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I believe the correct nomenclature is "gongo-badongo." :angel


*shoves Sith Sherrif Brody*



Thanks Everyone. I think I'll likely go with the Poseidon-Norinco designation on mine when I get to that point.

"Poseidon" IS Japan in the Shirow-verse of Appleseed, and is a techno-industrial
corporation that manufactures weapons and other tech, so it
makes sense that they'd be involved in the weapon manufacturing.

Seburo and Poseidon are different entities. :)

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