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Hey everyone!
I've been kind of in a retro apollo mood after doing the Moontrap patch so I figured I would knock out Apollo 18.
Its another one that I know a lot of people didn't like the movie but I'm a sucker for Apollo-era stuff and if you throw in aliens I'm all about it lol

I hope some people enjoy it!

PDF, PNG, 2 Mockups I messed around with, and reference shot of original prop.


  • Apollo18 Patch_Paper.jpg
    Apollo18 Patch_Paper.jpg
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  • Apollo18_Patch.pdf
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  • Apollo18_Patch.png
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  • Apollo18_Patch_Vint.jpg
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  • silk-screened-patches-apollo-18_1_8bcba9c2be12db1f8ba133a35db08f24.jpg
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