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  1. winf

    1:8 Scale ‘MOON’ base replica!!

    I’m currently a Model Making student at the National Film and Television school just outside London. Over the last five and a half weeks we have been busy building a 1:8 scale replica of base set from the film MOON. This was our first team project which was lead by John Lee (who actually...
  2. K

    Apollo 18 - Mission Patch Art

    Hey everyone! I've been kind of in a retro apollo mood after doing the Moontrap patch so I figured I would knock out Apollo 18. Its another one that I know a lot of people didn't like the movie but I'm a sucker for Apollo-era stuff and if you throw in aliens I'm all about it lol I hope some...
  3. TaterHater

    Upcycled/Low budget A7L Space Suit

    Hey everyone. I've lurked on a couple other Apollo related projects and posted here and there, and just (finally) decided to make a new thread for it. Just like a lot of other people here, I was inspired by a perfect storm of the Apollo 11 50th anniversary, the work of Ryan Nagata, and reading...
  4. G

    Lunar Flag Assembly/ Moon Flag replica prop build

    Hello, I am new to this forum to seek help and inspiration on my current project. Over the past year I have been attemping to build a replica Lunar Flag Assembly (LFA). The LFA is the flag pole that was raised on the moon. It has an anodized sluminum horizonal rod holding up the flag so it looks...
  5. zeffhounds

    What is the logo on Sam Bell's hat in MOON?

    In the feature film MOON, Sam Rockwell as Sam Bell wears a burgundy/red hat with a bull head logo on it. According to the film's conceptual designer the hat is in fact one Rockwell brought onto set himself. My Google searches have turned up nothing. Any clue what this is?
  6. virg012


    So, my girl is just pumping them out because of the approaching Dragon Con deadline. Here is her original worbla/sewing construction for this version of Moondragon. She is going to make my next costumes (just doesn't know it yet) because it came out great. Any ideas or suggestions are always...
  7. D

    Newbie | "New" Moon Knight Cosplay

    Hello everyone, I'm brand spanking new on here. Been reading comics forever, but I'm still fairly new to this whole cosplay thing... In fact, at 22, my first Comicon was only 3 years ago. But that's all it took. Love the community... Meet some super inspiring people... plus it's too cool to see...
  8. Charles Kline

    My Sam Bell Moon Costumes - Now with links!

    I'm a huge fan of Duncan Jones' Moon. If you haven't seen it, you need to! It may not be the best movie ever, but it is the best recent sci fi movie that feels like classic sci fi. My idea for doing a Sam Bell Costume started off with me getting the "Wake me when it's quitting time" t-shirt...
  9. oldzey

    Moon (2009) Auction Archives

    Well the first round of the Moon auction is over (and I'm unsure if there is indeed a second round). Here are the auction photos and prices realized, FYI: Enjoy... Edit: There is no second round - these are all the photos and prices realized (thanks, Birdie).

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