Anyone working on the Witch King of Angmar from Lord of the Rings?


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My son wants to be the Witch King for our Halloween Project next year. It may seem early to start, but I figure it's going to take a lot to top this year's!

Has anyone attempted an LED lighted sword to look like it's on fire? I'm thinking of using clear acrylic to build it and somehow use LED strips to light it, but I wanted to see what others have come up with. Even if it's not for the Witch King, if you have a lighted sword I'd like to see it. Also does anyone have tips for working with acrylic sheets? Last time I tried to cut some freehand it didn't go very well but it was a very cheap piece of plexiglass from a frame. Can you use a dremel to cut acrylic? And what tip or attachment would that be?

Next question: I saw someone using Worbla to make a chain for a flail. Has anyone worked with this stuff? Is it strong enough to support a foam flail?



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Hi there, regarding worbla and the chain, as if the chain will be strong enough... It all depends what kind of foam and size of the flail is, in my experience worbla is a great choice, you can't miss if you use that, also, im interested how will you do the mask?

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