anyone use fine line paint /marker pens for detail work


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looking for some fine 0.1mm (or so ) black paint or marker pens to use on painted models

i recall seeing some japanesse brands reccomended somewhere but cant find the post now

can anyone throw out some names of good ones that will be permanent on painted models , would prefer black paint over the purpleish look that markers give
I've read/seen tutorials in FSM of others using paint markers/art marker&pens to do panel lines and paint chips for detail work on armor and fighter planes...some sci-fi subjects too.
I know of a guy that uses the fine Gundam markers / pens to accent panel lines and a super-fine Rotring pen for filling in areas and getting darker blacks.

right yes it was the gundams i was looking at , local hobby stores dont have them

theres some on on ebay , does anyone know what the gm xx code translates to in size? non of the auctions mention the tip size
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