Anyone in contact with Matt Gauthier? (aka TE) - need help!

Discussion in 'Replica Costumes' started by Slasher X, May 17, 2012.

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    Ok I haven't been on here in quite some time, so here is my dilema:

    In early 2010 I had contacted Matt to get one of his assembled, ROTJ suits in that neat biscuit ABS. I have dealt with him in the past and he had always come through on his end with me so I had no worries about it this time.

    We had agreed that the suit would be ready in time for Celebration 5 in Orlando. I made my final payment in July 2010, and he gave me assurances that it would arrive in time. Well, it didnt. He then assured me that it would absolutely be finished in time for my wedding in October of 2010, as this set of armor was supposed to be my wife's wedding gift to me. (getting it by C5 would have been the early bonus!) But again he did not make it in time for October. I had emailed and he was apparently ill again and out of work, and could not work on armor. He had said that they would be ready in early 2011.

    So 2011 comes around and I wait until April. Still no contact. So I message Matt again, nothing. Message again in May, finally get a response June 14 2011 and he does not know what I am referring to, so I remind him about the order with all payment details etc. He said he would be forming the rest of the items in a week and get it out to me. Weeks go by and next thing I know it is September 2011 and still nothing. I then notice that he has removed me from his facebook friends list. He will not reply back to my messages. He will not reply back to my emails. He will not return my phone calls!

    I have tried to contact him in one form or another every month since September 2011 hoping that I am not completely SCREWED out of my Wife's $2000 that she paid for what was supposed to be a really cool wedding gift. She is completely disgusted and beyond upset that this has happened and been ongoing for nearly 2 years now.

    If there is anyone on this forum that knows, or can get a hold of Matt, Please try to get him to do the right thing here. It's about the principle and sentiment behind the gift that has me so upset. He knew what this armor set was to me. I just cannot believe that after years of camaraderie he would steal my wife's money, and give us nothing in return.

    Can anyone please help?

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    man I'm so sorry to hear that :( I got a helmet from him a few years back and it took hammering him every day, and even still, when it arrived, it was put together like a child did it, with extra holes in it from where he'd aligned it wrong and recut the holes. Pretty crappy for such an expensive helmet.

    But this sadly sounds like everything i've heard about him since 2007. That its a crap shoot to get anything. Try calling the authorities in his neck of the woods and maybe a civil suit? Any lawyer friends? Could work for you to write up a nice letter warning a civil action is coming.


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    I just started a thread looking for contact info for him. Seems he should have his own section on the RPF! He owes me two helmets from over 2 years ago. He did 'ship' them about 6 or so times tho'... <insert eye roll here>... I know a coupla others who he owes armour to as well... *sigh*

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