anyone have a vac chamber and a pressure pot?


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i recently finished a particularly cool piece i want to replicate.

in order to do this correctly, i need access to a pressure pot (yep, clear resin, duh ;) ) and a vac chamber.

nothing huge needed, the overall prop i am trying to replicate is about 3 inches or so long, and about 1 1/2 inch or so wide and roughly an oval/cylindrical shape. it is a somewhat complex piece though.

again, not looking to sell casts (maybe later on), but mainly just looking for someone with some decent molding/casting experiance to leap in, look at the project and go "HELLS YEA I CAN DO THAT" and hit me with a dollar figure. i can supply the resin dyes, or at least fund the resin and dyes for a few pulls. going for bubble free as well, hence the pressure pot/vac chamber. probably going for alumilite clear since it seems to be pretty uv resistant and a decent price, plus in a size that i can work with and not have tons of leftover.

the only thing non negotiable on this for me is i get the mold, and no selling any copies. any and all castings (be they good or bad) fall to me. this is a very personal project for me (why im not posting progress pics over the last month and a half) and i would like to make sure my work doesnt end up recast or sold down the line somewhere unless i am involved. i dont expect this to be a "hot item" to sell, or really anyone to be interested, but i worked my ass off on this and want to cover any and all bases.

email me or pm me for the details (hit me with your rpf name if you email me as well). not in a giant all consuming need where the project is burning a hole in my pocket into my very soul. kinda hurry, but i would like to get the budget figured out.