Anyone built a full size speeder bike?

Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by mandybat, Apr 5, 2006.

  1. mandybat

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    I have been asked to build a full-size speeder bike in 5 weeks :D
    Looking at the pics in the DK books there appear to be several "found parts"....does anyone have any information , screen-caps, blueprints or close-up pics to help me make this happen.
    Although I have been told it doesn't have to be an exact replica I am hoping to make this as screen accurate as I can....I love a challenge.
    I might even attempt the welding myself. :confused .
    Thanks in advance for anything you guys can come up with...and wish me luck....something tells me I'm going to need it.
  2. takevin

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    something else thats on my plate to do soon.
  3. KevVader

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  4. hollywoodhardware

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  5. mandybat

    mandybat New Member

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    Very nice speeders. I only hope I can do this project justice.
    Thanks for the detail pics Thomas ,exactly what I needed.
    Could anyone give me a rough idea of how long they are and hopefully I can work out the other dimensions from that............Thanks.
  6. ewokus

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    Hi - please see my post about my full-sized Speeder Bike. There's pics in there that may give you some help... 11 feet long is what I scaled it to be. I will try to post some of the 'in progress, build-up' pics that I have over the weekend... Have fun!!
  7. epilepticsquirl

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    The O.P had a deadline of 5 weeks. I'd fire him if he still hasn't gotten it done in 4 years :lol
  8. schphgochi

    schphgochi New Member

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    I am currently looking into this project...
    thanks for the link to the photos...they do help...
    anything else new on this front?
  9. Sym-Cha

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