Any reference out there for the Scorpion?


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I've been watching BR on DVD, and I really like this ship. :)

This is all I've been able to find:

I have some screencaps too.

So far, I've surmised that the front/cockpit/nose is from a Super Cobra, and the main fuselage looks like 2 bottom halves of an F-14 Tomcat mated together. Out where the "wings" would be, there are rocket pods, and Phoenix missiles.

Also, does anyone know if there are castings/molds out there of the SS Hatchet Fighter? I've never even heard of anything besides the old Monogram kit.


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That is everything that I have been able to find and I have bee looking for a couple of years now. Definitely the Cobra and the F-14.

Alfred Wong did a 1/48 scale model kit some time back. Can't seem to locate the link though.



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Actually, Alfred replied on the SM forums (I posted this same topic) and he said the boxy part on the bottom is a Sherman tank...

He did confirm it was a 1/32 Cobra and 1/48 Tomcat. I was wrong apparently it's a complete Tomcat fuselage (not two bottom halves) but flipped over and the intakes are glued to what would be the "top" side.

At least, a SS version wouldn't be HUUUGE.... :)


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You've got a Harrier there as well, and I thought something from the Lunar Lander, but I think I'm seeing two parts the wrong way.


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Which parts are off the Harrier? I am trying to figure out the big cannon in front, but i think it's just a mish mash of parts...