Any ideas to add battle damage look to an E 11 Blaster?

tk 9464

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Afternoon, everyone. I'm new to this awesome forum and would like to thank everyone for their great looking projects, completed and in progress.

This will be a great opportunity to get ideas and tips from alot of talent that is on this forum. I would greatly appreciate the help.

I am looking to add battle damage to a Hasbro Stormtrooper E 11 blaster after adding the extra pieces to it.

Has anyone heard of using mustard in the battle damage process?

or does anyone have a simple "realistic looking" idea?


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no worries, there are prob loads more ideas for weathering but post a pic of the salt method when you try it, i wanna see how it turns out. good luck


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For general weathering/wear, try base-painting in silver first.
Then use a masking fluid on the areas where you want to show the wear. Paint over in black, then remove the masked areas. You'll then have silver areas looking like the paint has either worn or flaked off :)


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I think mustard/toothpaste/masking fluid is a bit buch on a blaster
Good ol' drybrushing will suffice.
Here's my drybrushed blasters

All of them are rubber.
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