Any 3D printer folk do me a quick favor?


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I want to surprise my girlfriend with this prop piece but it wouldn't be here in time. My guess is the pin back is about 3/4". I was going to take it to a local 3d printer and have them print the front part. I thought the white area could be slightly raised. Could anyone mock this up?


I also have an STL file of scissors that are closed. I would like to have them be two seperate pieces so that I can drill a hole in them and attach them so they open and close. Would that be possible?
What does scissors have to do with it? I see something that looks like a house. And is that second symbol an "h" or "li" ?

Tried to post a reply but didn't work so did an edit to this one.....Here are fixed scissors and the pins. The pins I couldn't get small without it degrading the white color. The black base is Tango Black + material which is like gummy bear rubber. I don't have any solid black material right now.

Scissors in Solidworks. Your original .stl had some issues - so I used it as a template. Cleaned up the edges a bit and it pivots (at least virtually). Trying to print it now along with your triangle thing (scaled down). Will send pics. If they work you could probably cast them in resin or the Connex material will burn out in metal casting (but not perfect). You may have to work on the pivot part though.

Scissors 1.jpgScissors 2.jpgScissors 3 .jpg


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