Limited Run Ant Man The Wasp Pym Particle Discs 2nd RUN


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I'm going to do a run of the Pym Particle Disc from Ant Man and Ant Man and the Wasp.

Ant Man Wasp Shrinking Disc by JamieThomas28, on Flickr

The initial run will be for a finished disc with either a red centre (shrinking), blue centre (enlarging) or a pair.

These will be high quality 3D prints, not the cheap basic plastic from Shapeways.

A single finished disc of either colour will be $25 or $45 for a pair with centre colours of your choosing.

Shipping is $12 which will include insurance and tracking.

If you're interested, please post here indicating how many disc you would like.

As soon as I get at least 10 interested paying buyers I will order the discs clean them up, paint them and send them out.

Turn around on the discs once I receive the 3D prints should be roughly 2 weeks.

A basic 3D print kit that you can paint and finish will be an option at a future date but for now I'm offering hero finished Pym Particle Discs as above.

1. Bobatrek - 1 pair PAID POSTED
2. Synz314 - 1 pair PAID POSTED
3. Miamiloco - 1 pair PAID POSTED
4. mbmcfarland - 1 pair PAID POSTED
5. CPTRogers - 1 pair PAID POSTED
6. aeseven7 - 1 pair PAID POSTED
7. mp1997 - 1 pair PAID POSTED
8. dmai - 1 pair PAID POSTED
sycor -1 pair PAID POSTED
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Re: Ant Man The Wasp Pym Particle Discs

Any chance of slightly enlarging the diameter?

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Re: Ant Man The Wasp Pym Particle Discs

Pretty cool, I'd like a pair (one red, one blue) if its not too late:)