Interest Iron Man 2 Hammer Industries Ex-wife missile metal replica 2ND AND FINAL RUN IN PROGRESS


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Thank you guys. Run 1 is sold out.

Gathering interest for round 2. Payments will have to be in to get the run going. We will need a minimum of 6 paid orders to start. The approximate delivery time is early march depending on when we start the production.

Solid Aluminum CNC. Painted at 175 usd shipped and 145 usd raw, shipped.

All those on the interest list have paid up either a deposit (50%) or in full.

1) External
2) Mbmcmcfarland
3) External
4) Movie magic
5) external
6 Synz314
7) External
8) Kevinknightnyc

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Interested. After all, it is completely elegant, it's bafflingly beautiful, and it's capable of reducing the population of any standing structure to zero.

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