Yes, please :) We know there are certain inaccuracies with this but this is overall, pretty accurate. We did do a complete 3D scan of some pieces in Lucas Archives and took reference shots of the parts we plan on correcting, but it would be interesting to compare notes.
Looks pretty awesome to me, but then again I don't know these costumes within the micrometer that some people apparently do? Would like to see the differences as that would be more useful.
The electric connector on the chest box is of course wrong. That part is what most replicas are having, but is incorrect. The real part hasn't been identified by the community. It was also used on the AT-AT driver's and Snowspeeder pilots' wrist communicators.
I'm a work so pics are not showing well. From what I can see some of the greeblies are not as good as they should - the clock greeblies could be better too. But I think Anovos has time to improve on the design of the entire suit.

I've seen this will come with light on the chest-box? Any pics of it lighted up please?
I will take a look at our resources for the chestbox. I know there some pieces with this costume that were "challenging" because of the limitations on accessibility. The good news is, we do have a list of things we need to either print or keep on this costume. Therefore, any suggested observations are greatly appreciated.
Still prefer my Laws- compared to photos it still looks alot more like the real thing.

Did I read somewhere that MC has something to do with the armour. Alot of the greeblies look like his?
I should also add that while these are prototypes made by MonCal, there are changes, both vast and minor that will be made balancing the accuracy of he 3D scans, reference, and costumeability.
What are the main differences between the MonCal and the Laws AT-AT driver helmets?

Both helmets are great reproductions, but it's the materials that change the look (in my opinion).
MC uses thicker plastic which makes the details much softer during the pulling process. You get a really sturdy, well made helmet but one which looks softer round the faceplate.
DL tends to use thinner plastic which has the advantage of producing sharp detailing, more like the actual movie props.
I'm surprised no one has asked...white or grey? Also, it's my belief that the circuit board on the back should be more orange/yellow/green like a real board, not so white (hard to prove with current references).
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