Another Rubies Vader Thread


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I’ve had this costume sitting in a box for years and I’m too short to pull it off. I had a crappy mannequin but the pose was just straight with arms at the sides and legs together, not very menacing.

I carved up the joints and screwed them back together using aluminum strips so I could tweak the pose. Once I was happy, I locked it in with duct tape. Did the same with the fingers so I could get the gloves on. The head was a length of pvc pipe screwed in and wrapped with black cloth. I padded the suit in areas to bulk him up a bit and welded up a stand to keep him from toppling.
5E35BCE4-C30B-4C93-8CE1-12B7508CDA2B.jpeg FDB2184F-4DD7-4A8F-9D99-AC57994DC4E3.jpeg 15D066AC-2A09-48CA-B150-8688B81A6C1F.jpeg FFB8013C-4E72-44C7-B5B3-BD99720E19F8.jpeg

One day I plan on revisiting this and add a Saber to his hand, accurize the helmet and give him a repaint.

At least I can enjoy him for now in my theatre room.
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