ANON AT-AT Driver Helmet - how can I get one ???


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Sorry for bugging with such stupid questions, but I thought there might be a
handful of people here that could help me with my search for this beautiful
AT-AT Driver Helmet.

I saw this on and always since then thought it just
looked "killer", but I never found out how to get one of these, so I guess it is
either extremely rare or is no longer made. As I said I have no Infos at all - :(

I "borrowed" a picture from, to show it here just so
everybody can see what I'm talking about. I hope that is ok with BingoBongo :angel

So ... where can I find one / whom do I contact / what will a finished one cost me ???

Thanks a lot for any help - :)

No probs with the pic - thats what theyre there for.

"Anon" on my site is otherwise known as "TrooperExpert" or "TE", but asked to be referred to by the fomer on my site. However I dont think there's any mystery in his board names (if there is I'll gladly remove my comment above).

TE used to make these (with a 3rd party) although I'm not sure if he still does. However there was a thread in the Junkyard about them recently...