"ANH" Tusken Raider Build (July, new Costume Pictures!)


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Thanks nailuj ! And your wish is my command:

Side Panels

Made from 3 mm poplar plywood and screwed in place. I know, really unspectacular, but not everything can be creative.

Those Things on the Sides

I have no idea what exactly they are and to be honest, as this is a free build meant to be a Cycler Rifle but not an accurate replica, I don’t really care.
So I made up my own. I used the front parts of two darts for dart and screwed them together with a small piece of threaded rod. Then I epoxied the electrical connectors to the tips of the spikes. Viola, and it actually looks like it does, well something, which is what I want.


The pieces where then also screwed in place. Underneath I used small nuts as spacers and made the ends look nicer with brass screws and washers.


Thats enough for tonight (i live in Germany so its currently 1 o’clock am) and now i am going to drink some homemade mead and then to bed.


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The Triggerguard

First I took a piece of milled steel and bend it into the right shape.


Next step was cleaning it up. I made the decision to leave it a bit on the rougher side and preserved some imperfections, as its what in my opinion is fitting.


Then I drilled the screw holes with my drillpress. A tool that I never want to miss again.


After a bit of a polish, the next step was blueing it gunmetal. Heating it up and rubbing the burning hot metal with wax. Rinse and repeat till I got the right color. Because if I am using steel, I can just do a real surface treatment instead of paint. Added bonus is that it will just look better the more scuffed it becomes as it is real wear.


Fixing it to the stock was simple work. Just screwed it in place.




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Thank you Cameron!

As I am helping a friend to build stuff on her mobile Bath House and thus am away from home, there is not a lot of new stuff.

But I before leaving I managed to do some small experimentation.

First is a test for the finish of the wood. I am quiet happy with it and will do the same to the stock.
The Photo is sadly not really showing how nice the shellack makes the surface look.

Second was a test of how to do the greeblies on the right side panel. I am still not sure if I will do them this way but it looks reasonably good.



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Finally back from Bath House building.

But after such a long drive I only had a little time. None the less I wanted to test the idea I had while sitting too drunk in too hot water. But I think that was needed for such a hilariously simple solution, so simple I cannot belive I did not think earlier of it.

So, what am I talking about? Fixing the blaster into the stock.
Well, at first I was thinking of doing it with pins. In the same way I do It for the real flintlock guns I work on from time to time.

But then I realized it. The screws that hold in the back end of the Side Things are exactly placed over a part of the blaster that has no imported or moving parts.
So I just drilled the holes a bit deeper and screwed in longer screws. Done.


It holds very strong and finally makes it fully funktional while still being capable of disassembly. I sadly could not add the video of testing as the site does not accept the video from my iPhone. But suffice to say it works really well and I may add a youtube link if I find time to upload it.


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Trigger Cover Plate

To clean up the look of the triggerwell and take the wiggle out, I decided to make a small cover plate. I went for brass as the trigger will be in constant contact and will be less likely to get stuck.


The fitting took a bit of time to get the trigger to move correctly. It is held in by pressure from the Trigger Guard and as it is let in it won’t come out.

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So. Last bit before the basic tasks that have to be done before the finish are done.

First I made some placeholders for the “control panels”. (what I will call them as I will put dials on them)


I used them to assure the correct placement of the screw holes so I will later not muck up the finish. (As I will use shellack I will probably let it age naturally)


And now:

The Finish: Stain

Finally the finishing process of the wood surface can begin. I stained it with a light brow water based stain.
It might look a bit light now, but I know just how much UV light darkens this wood. (Dont know why, but i did test it) So a few days in the sun later on will leave it a few colour notes darker. So I just chose a lighter stain.


Now its off drying and then the first layer of thinned shellack will be added.


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The Finish: Shellack

Well, I may have gone a bit over board on the finish. But thats what I get for choosing to french polish it.


I originally wanted to stop at a satin finish but got carried a away. So I only stopped when looking down to see myself looking back.:lol: I just never expected it to work that well. I expected hours of work, not one hour of light wiping turning it into a mirror finish. It may be because before starting the polish I added three layers of highly thinned shellack with a brush and then gave it a light sanding. May be a way to do a fast french polish or my standard for a “long time” is a bit skewed.
But as its a somewhat fragile finish I will just leave it. In a year dust, handling and light will have reduced the shine a lot.

The Side Panels are done the same way, just not as shiny.



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Right now building is going pretty slow.
To much to do right now. As I start at a new job at monday and needed to do a lot of prep work and get a bit of a feeling for the shops own cnc programm. I also helped a friend in his forge and repaired his mig-welder. But i also got a few lessons on forging in turn. So, a pretty full week.

But now to the little bit I got done on my cycler. I finaly fixed the scope mount to the stock. Glued, pinned and the pins glued, just to be sure.

I also finally made and mounted the bolt handle. Made from metal and blued to gunmetal. The same as the trigger guard. Its mainly fixed by just friction and suported/stregthened with epoxy putty.


And last I finally found a perfectly fitting lens for the back end of the scope. It goes where once a magnet was placed. Hammered that out, fixed the lense with a drop of epoxy and screwed it in.


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LoadingPlatform If you liked that look at the next pics. Till now it was a store bought lamp after all.

Well, today I finally did more work. A lot of little stuff but thats always what really starts to pull it together.

The Scope

First of all I did the scope today. Removed that clear piece of plastic and replaced it with parts of another cheapo lamp. Just glued everything together as was already fitting together. I also added another lens to the front. Now it really looks like a scope.


The Control Panel’s

Next were the panels going to the right side. I took some artistic freedom here as I am not the biggest fan of random junk that I also cannot reasonably reproduce. So I took the shape and changed it a bit. Looks similar but also functional.
The plates are Aluminium and the Dials are nuts from a yoyo.

I also changed the bolt handle. The earlier version was in my opinion to pronounced and not as robust as I would have wished. The new version definitely is more to my taste. But we will se how well it holds up.


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So, while the Cycler Rifle is technically finished, I am not completly happy and some parts will get a rework. But that will take time as Work in the Netherlands takes up most of my time and currently I also am in Luxenburg and away from my workshop.

But! I finally have a few nice and new Costume picures for you, as I finally got to sort through the pictures of my last shooting.

So without further ado, have them:


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