ANH "Mystery" Darth Vader Helmet Update...

Discussion in 'Star Wars Costumes and Props' started by propsculptor, Jul 10, 2006.

  1. propsculptor

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    For those who are New to the RPF, here is the link to the thread about this Helmet:
    ANH "Mystery" Helmet

    These are the Film Screencaps I'm using as reference for the restoration:
    (They're Actual 5 X 7 inch Screencap photos taped to posterboard)

    After using a lot of solvents and thinners (And dissolving 3 Layers of thick paint.)
    I made a few discoveries with the Helmet, in Blue I marked the areas that were
    originally painted Silver, in Red you can see where the original fingernail mark was
    (It's filled in with Bondo but looks white in the pic) and the New one above it...

    Here are photos:
    Another View...

    I will be uploading an adding much more photos showing the progress,
    and for those patiently waiting, I apologise for the delay...
  2. temponaut

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    Impressive. Most impressive.

    Looking forward to more photos and progress. Thanks for sharing the update with us. :thumbsup
  3. Gigatron

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    That's a hell of an undertaking, PS.

    Looking forward to more progress pics (and being able to send you some more money ;) :lol )

    Thanks again,
  4. vaderic

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    it is silver and not the gun metal color?
  5. propsculptor

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    Well it's a Silver-ish color (At one time it could have been a Gun Metal color), but since it got stripped off with the 3 other layers of paint it's difficult to tell exactly what the color was because it's been mostly removed.

    I'll be adding more photos to the Posterboard this week, so I will post a copy of those too.

    Don't forgot this from when I started taking off the paint:

    After thinking about it, if this was a copy of the Helmet with the Latch Molded into the forehead & it was sanded off, all of the Fiberglass or Gelcoat would have blended together and would not have needed to be filled in with Bondo, so it may be an original...

    By the way... I was FINALLY able to get the Apple Tabs after repeatedly bidding and not winning, now I'm looking into making durable copies.
    (I'll be testing out many different materials...R & D)

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  6. vader71

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    Love the posterboard of ANH images :)

    The progress looks impressive.
  7. Slasher X

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    cant wait for this bad boy.
  8. kell

    kell Well-Known Member

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    Very interesting... Thanks for update pics. Have you sanded around the mouth yet ?
  9. propsculptor

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    I've done some sanding but I still need to strip away more of the paint residue to see the rest of the details (This is really tough paint.)

    Are you looking for something in particular on the Mouth?

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  10. yakcam

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    Hey PS :)

    May I sugggest trying oven cleaner? just the crappy 30min stuff that you use in cold ovens? I used it to strip off the old paint on my GH. It's an old trick I used on plastic slot car bodies (1:24 scale model cars with a home made wire chassis)


    It takes a few goes, depending on how stubborn the paint is, but it will also strip bondo. Just thought it might save you some time and elbow grease.


  11. kell

    kell Well-Known Member

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    Not necessarily. I am not an expert on this helmet. Have always had a strong feeling more would be revealed, especially after the dome latch was exposed. Look forward to more progress pics. Can't wait to get one.
  12. propsculptor

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    I appreciate the suggestion but I don't want to strip the Bondo and have to
    completely redo the Bondo again after that.

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  13. Jayrcee

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    I realize you don't want to use a stripper propsculptor, but for anyone else that is wondering, I can second what yakcam recommended. Oven cleaner (I use Heavy Duty EasyOff Oven Cleaner with lye), works wonders when used to strip paint from plastics and fiberglass.
  14. Treadwell

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    Well, that depends on how it was removed. If it was ground off a little over agressively, some patching would've been needed.
  15. Ghost Host

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    I admire your openness about showing what's underneath the primer. very open and honest. :)
  16. Darth Kahnt

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    As I was catching up on this thread I was thinking exactly the same thing GH. You took the words right out of my mouth. It's nice to see the honesty.
  17. propsculptor

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    It's partly because of my Boy Scout background,
    after all I am an Eagle Scout. :)

    I found in general honesty is the best policy.

    I wanted to make sure that everyone was confident in what I was telling them and offering them, that's exactly why I have been up-front & Honest, I and have not made any false claims like "it's an original casting" or something like that.

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