Suggestion An original props and original costumes subsection.


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I apologize if someone has suggested this before, but I've had an idea. I know this is a replica prop forum, and a lot of us are dedicated to construction replicas from various different forms of media. But I think there should be a subsection of the form dedicated to original props and original costumes constructed by members. I mean props and costumes designed and constructed, not related to any form of media (except maybe slightly inspired by but not heavily grounded in anything). I understand that when it comes to prop making, most of the time it's about taking something you found and try to make it into something else, but even so... I think it'd be a healthy thing to see a section where members who are wanting to express their creativity and show original props and costumes, from designs to actual build items in a subsection. It'd be a great thing to have this subsection, so that any posts of original props don't get caught in the middle of the sea of replica prop posts.

I know, some people may say the Off-Topic forum can be used for original props and costumes, but I feel that Off-Topic truly means off topic from not just replicas, but original props and costumes in general.

Of course, this is an just idea I'm expressing.