AMT Speeder Bike and Trooper

Discussion in 'General Modeling' started by Leedo Hacor, Jun 6, 2005.

  1. Leedo Hacor

    Leedo Hacor New Member

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    I just picked up the AMT model kits for the Star Wars Speed Bike, Millennium Falcon, Death Star<kinda cheesey>, and Tie as well as X-wing fighers =D course these aren't super detailed like some of the absolutely amazing things I've seen alot of you guys posting pictures of lol but I lack talent so I have to stick with kits hehe anywas once I finish them I'll drop some pics here =D
  2. Hotshot

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    You're in for a lot of work on that scout tropper. it's and ugly fit.

  3. Axlotl

    Axlotl Master Member

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    Yah, the scout trooper sucks.
    I still haven't finished mine.
  4. division 6

    division 6 Master Member

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    I had built one when they first came out.
    The one Mod I did was cut off the head and reposition it.

    I think it's now dimantled in a box somewhere.

  5. Leedo Hacor

    Leedo Hacor New Member

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    Yea your right I was sifting over the parts and found most of them miss aligned nothing alittle putty and sanding wont cure =D lol opend up the Death Star kit its has to be the ugliest thing I've ever seen not sure I'll even take the time on that one but the Falcon is in pretty good order so that ones gonna be built first.


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