AMT/ERTL, NCC-1701-A, lights & sound operation?


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Hi, I am interested in buying AMT/ERTL, NCC-1701-A, MODEL KIT #6957 but I can't find any information anywhere on how the lights and sound operate, is it one of those ones where a light and sound sequence goes for a few seconds and then you have to press the button again or what, what I want to be able to do is just leave the model with the lights running continuously without timing out and without the sound going as well although if you can't turn the sound off that should be easy enough to modify.
The sound system has two sounds when you hit the switch (which I believe was a lever that could be moved left or right and it would spring back to the center). Move it to one side and you would get the phaser sound. Move it the other and you would get the photon torpedo effect. Both sound effects were from the classic series and not the films. As I recall, you could hold the lever down for a long phaser sound.

The lights were powered independent of the sound and stay on as long as the power switch is on. The circuit board had the flashing nav lights and saucer lights all pre-wired (no lights for the secondary hull). A few of them I believe were incandescent bulbs as when the kit came out, it was a few years before the first bright white LEDs hit the market at an affordable price point. If you plan to light a model, you would probably be better off with a different system using LEDs. As for sound, you could record any sound you want as the technology is cheap enough that you can find it in recorder key chains these days (program a short sound sequence, then play it back when the button is tapped).
Thanks a lot for that most helpful reply. So it sounds like what I am after in what i asked to start with but the incandescent lights is a put off, I might be able to just replace them with led's but that depends on what there voltage was and then there is model assembly side of things to worry about in terms of installing led's instead. This is my first model build and as such I was looking for a kit that included lighting and was a reasonable cost which this model was. Unfortunately there is no detailed information on this kit for me to try and determine if I could easily adapt it to my needs and i was hoping to just build unmodded first time around and then from what i learn from that i may be able to move onto something like the amt round 2 tos model and light it myself without using an expensive lighting kit.
I have this kit. The lights and sound runs on 4 AA batteries. I tried switching the tiny incandescent lights with LEDs and it works. I'm not an expert at LED wiring but it looks like the resistors for the flashing LEDs that come with this kit is soldered on the circuit board. Depending on the voltage and resistors, I'm guessing you can add more bright white LEDs to this. If it doesn't work, you may want to wire up a separate light system for the interior lights and exterior spot lights.
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