Aluminum Motherboard Upgrade for Haslab Proton Pack

*UPDATE as of 23March2023*

THANK YOU! Everyone for backing our MOBO project! We had overwhelming interest & orders flood in. Due to the large amount of boards that need to be made the dates have adjusted to accommodate production times. If these new dates are an issue for anyone please reach out.

-28 March. All boards & hardware are complete. Sorting & packing will start.
-03-07 April. All non painted boards start shipping. Packing continues (Includes custom cut boards)

-05 April. Painted boards start to get painted. Painted boards will start to ship the following week.

Of course these are all “best guess” dates. They could shift left or right a bit depending on circumstances. We will try our best to stay within these markers.

*** All custom cut order clients have been emailed.
Hello... We have shipped most of the non painted boards and will start shipping painted ones thus week, so should be soon... You will get an email with tracking once it shipps so keep an eye out for that and be sure to check your spam folder as well just in case...

More boards including some painted are shipping out this weekend... Do you have an order number so I can double check for you?
Is there a template for where to drill the holes in the Alice frame, or just eyeball it with the holes in the board?
Is there a template for where to drill the holes in the Alice frame, or just eyeball it with the holes in the board?
We were originally going to make a template for that purpose, but we purchased 3 different alice frames and discovered that there were slight variations in the measurements on all 3... So we decided it would be a safer bet to just use the holes in the motherboard as your template... So basically just put the alice frame flat on the board without using the spacers, make sure the center bar is centered with the top holes, use the bottom 2 bolts to hold it in place, then mark your the top holes from the other side... Hopefully that makes sense. And i would definitely recommend using a center tap to mark the holes before drilling.
Just need to weather it up!


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