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I have become a new fan of the SYFY show Alphas, and a recent episode saw them receiving new IDs, sort of in the vein of X-Files credentials. Knowing SYFY, they will cancel this show within a season, but I do like the IDs.

Since I spent SO much time researching the x-files credentials a few years ago, doing these ones was pretty simple. After literally about ten minutes online, I'm pretty sure I found the correct wallet and badge. HD screen caps give me great reference for the cards, and even a couple of the mugshots used.

BUT, first, a question for the mods: I'm not sure where this falls under the CoC. I read the guidelines, and it's a bit vague, so I will turn to you for guidance. These are fake IDs, with custom badges that an be ordered from an online store within the US. I am planning on making ONE for myself, and not selling them. Nor will I be posting them for free in the paper props section.

Is this OK, or should I just skip this one and keep it on my blog?
As an update, I ordered the badge this morning. There appear to be some MINOR differences between it and the screen used one, but I cannot say for certain based on the pictures shown on the website. I suppose I'll know more in a few days.

Would really like to see your work on the Alphas ID set.

Funny, as soon as I saw that episode, I thought "Now that would make a cool paper prop."


oki in an attempt to help out on this project I have a link to an AWESOME capture of that ID for Gary. it isnt too intense. I have a thing for old phones. I'm thinking the bell in the center of the watermark come from a defunk Ma Bell logo or similar but will research further. The "signature" is a bit blocked out, but at first glance it looks like JKRowling but on closer look the w is missing and it has 2 "ll"s and a longer last-name..any ideas as a production member? MYSTERY !

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The watermark logo is a standard ID logo. It took me about two minutes to find it on the web :) It's got two flags around the liberty bell.

Also, I have officially abandoned this project. I found the exact badge, but when I tried to order it, they asked for actual credentials. Oops!

I threw this together from memory. This is using the Smith And Warren visual badge maker. I believe it's badge style M14, which is one of their "eagle over circle" designs.

It matches up perfectly to the high def screen grabs I did, though the colors on the flag and bell are slightly different. Just bolder on the TV version.
I've spent hours looking for the watermark if you cas post a link to it, it would be appreciated for my ALPHAS project. Wikipedia has the badge style used in the show as a 2d cgi, usable for the most basic of purposes if you wiki DCIS...

trying to gimp the watermark is driving me nuts.....

I guess photo editing is not my Alpha ability........:lol

would ya drop the link in here for that mark? or possibly the site too for the real ID to screengrab from? THANky
The "signature" is a bit blocked out, but at first glance it looks like JKRowling but on closer look the w is missing and it has 2 "ll"s and a longer last-name..any ideas as a production member? MYSTERY !

The signature appears to be "J.R. Murray." According to IMDb, the show's prop master is James R. Murray.
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