Almost There...


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Well seven months in and just about complete ...just put it together this weekend..netting was a PITA!
He's about 6'7"..actually scary in person lol

Any comments are appreciated!

BBP1 Open mouth painted by Big Gator
Biohunter dreads
Bamoobie AVP Beads
Ruffkintoy AVP gaunts
Mr. I skin, hands and half mask painted by Inkmonster (SICK job BTW!)
The bio is a Hez SCAR bio (custom finish).. and monsteroom half mask I got to finish..




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Thanks man!
Yeah my thought was..the half mask wears easier, more breathable and if I'm going to wear the bio would want to be comfortable. Plus the bio jacks up the paint on a full mask so to avoid it..have two

Darth Pinhead

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Very nice build! Any shots of just the Mr. I paintup? Do you mind throwing in some close-ups of the hands and feet? Just curious on the paintups. Your pup has a classic expression on it's face, lol...


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Dude, I was having second thoughts about using my mr incredible suit but you have layed my fears to rest. It looks awsome. The whole suit has come together a treat. I don't remember ever seeing those 2 pouches on his belt before, are they your idea? Or am I really unobservant lol.

My only concern is, I think you have broken article 3 of the BRO CODE

If a Bro gets a dog, when full-grown it must be at least as tall as his knee.

Pls let me know if I'm mistaken so I can call off the authorities.... lol



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Thats the wifes dog..bro code article 3 ha ha never heard that one

The hot toys scar has the pouches (more like boxes) but I like the look, same with the kilt..


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I like them, doubly so if they are functional.

Bro code is worth a read, words of wisdom from Barney Stinson, How I Met Your Mother. I think it's up to 180 rules and regulations, available as an app on iPhone also.


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I have more pics of the mr I suit hands and mask I painted for Matts suit I will post soon. When I first started painting it I wasnt so shure how it was gonna look. But after I got it finished I ended up liking it.


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Thank you everyone.
Inkmonster is the reason the Mr. I skin was a success, glad everyone likes it.
Almost ready for DragonCon..hope to see you all there :(
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