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My name is Corey<br />I'm a 35 years old and i'm just starting to get into the costume life. Well probably not true, iv'e always wanted to get into it but never had a partner that was interested. 10 years ago i met the love of my life, she not only suports me, but encourages me to do what ever makes me happy. No matter what i've asked, she has said yes. so here i've arived at &quot;The LAIR&quot; home of like minded people from accross the globe, (although not enough from Australia lol ) some of the finest sculpters, painters and costumers i've ever seen. kudos to you all. I've been lurking behind the scenes for about 8 months off and on, gathering info and ideas and checking out the talent. Soon i'll embark on my own predator mission, you may find yourself down the track answering questions of mine that you have answered before. I'll apoligize in advance if i anoy anyone it is not my intent lol. The biggest problem with Australia will be the cost of materials. things that other people can buy cheaply i'm finding are more expensive here. to this end i may have to buy most, if not all of my suit. this will be a shame but the money side of things can't keep up with me. Thank you all in advance for your help and guidence on my journey.<br />Details about me - Boilermaker, married, 1 son and 2 step children (boy and girl)<br />Hobbies - 4wding, camping, survivalist<br />Dreams - Own 20 acres of bush land, be self suficient, self employed, working from home<br />Movies - Predator (duh lol), aliens and any thing zombie or end of the world related<br />TV - Man v[sup]s[/sup] Wild rules, how i met your mother (go barney)<br />Not sure yet what look i'm going for but i'm leaning to P1, but some of the elders look so awsome<br />P.S. The personal photo is from the &quot;Brisbane Zombie Walk Oct 2010&quot; raising money for the brain foundation.

Metal sculpting and timber work
Sep 17, 1975 (Age: 48)
brisbane, Australia


If something in life escapes your grasp - HUNT IT DOWN
and make it a trophy for your wall