All-New, All-Different Amazing Spider-Man design

Discussion in 'Marvel Costumes and Props' started by spiderlane, Jul 7, 2015.

  1. spiderlane

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    Has anyone designed a full file for the costume? The spider symbol's silhouette appears to glow based on the design art. I haven't seen any pictures of the backside of the suit however.


  2. RiotJavelinDX

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    Going to have to wait and see since that's basically promotional art; the actual comic may look quite different in terms of how it's drawn, the suit glow colour, etc.
  3. MegaLEGOFilms

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    I know Orhadar is making one. He said it should be done in a few weeks
  4. Transhuman325

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    I'm all for the new design, but the glowing spider kinda irks me. Opinions?
  5. Timey Wimey

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    I like the straight and slanted instead of curved and mostly horizontal webbing. I love the under arm webbing, I respect the eyes, I like the boots being connected to the belts but the Spider and the height of the belt and the edition of glow in the dark irks me. I tried doing some minor (and dodgy looking) photoshop to add some superior elements and make it more classic looking but it seems a bit too familiar. Spider-Mix.png
    I am against the idea of the new technologies and the Spider-Mobile but I'd be interested in seeing how it comes out in a digital pattern file.
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  6. Timey Wimey

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    Use the "add video clip" button next to the smileys to make the video show up here :)

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    I'm sorry. I did it on Tapatalk and it showed up correctly on my screen. What showed up on yours?
    Is this a useful reference?
    Not sure if that worked either.
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