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ivate project"Modular colony station"
A modular colony station inspired by concepts from Aliens the Return and Alien Colonial Marines (Game from Gearbox Software). The concept is free for interested people to build their own modules and bring them to exhibitions of Schwabenstein 2x4 e.V. to build a large colony station together. The project was initiated by Alexander ak Brickelectronic and provides his designs for all AFOLs under Common Creative License CC-NC-SA for free use. At the big Schwabenstein fan exhibition at the games fair in Stuttgart (always in November) there is a special area for MOCs from the Alien universe with special backgrounds at the tables. Interested AFOLs can register with their MOCs and of course modules for the colony station.

The following models shown in photos are from the following designers:
Aliens M577 APC by Rick Brickham (LEGO MOC Aliens M577 APC by Rick Brickham | Rebrickable - Build with LEGO)
UD-4 Dropship by Dan's Brickbuilds (A collection of my Lego builds - Dan's Brick Builds)

Avery Zweckform Heavy Duty Labels L4775 (laser) or J4775 (inkjet) are recommended for the sticker sheets.

The rights holder of the Alien franchise is 20th Century Fox. The project shown here is a fan project with no commercial background.

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