Alien vs Predator Requiem Spear Replica


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I recently purchased an AvP Requiem Spear by Sideshow Collectibles that was in good condition but it got damaged in transit. One end's tip broke off and kind of looks unusable. I have some people I might can talk to get it fixed beyond just gluing the tip back on (one built props for a living). However, I was curious how much it would be worth if I couldn't get it fixed and how much if I could get it fixed. There were only 500 ever made and it makes me sick that this one was in great condition but it got damaged because of shipping. But there's nothing I can do about that besides try to repair it. Does anyone have any advice/prices/offers/know how to get it restored etc. lol? I'll post pictures of the damage in a bit.


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Was the seller on eBay. And was it coming from Japan?
No it was from a goodwill and the pictures show it was in good condition as well as the description. I did see the one from Japan but that thing was really messed up lol.


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Here are the pics


  • IMG_20220409_164154.jpg
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  • IMG_20220409_164138.jpg
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  • IMG_20220409_164128.jpg
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  • IMG_20220409_164110.jpg
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  • IMG_20220409_164102.jpg
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  • IMG_20220409_164056.jpg
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  • IMG_20220409_164041.jpg
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  • IMG_20220409_163858.jpg
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